SAP HR 4.5 --- Importing into Identity Vault

Below is what I grabbed from the documentation. The customer was able to
get me the files, but now what?

I tried to remove the extension of the files and put it in the idocs
directory, but the shim never picks up the file.

What extension and format should the files have for it to be picked up
or how else are we supposed to import the data into the vault?

Populating the Identity Vault with Organizational Data
In order to populate the Identity Vault with the organizational data,
the existing data must be exported from SAP. To export your
organization’s hierarchical data, perform the following steps before
starting the driver:

In the SAP client, enter transaction code PFAL.

Insert the Object Type O for Organization objects.

Specify the organizations you want to export to the Identity Vault. You
can choose to export one organization, a range of organizations, or all

If you are exporting a range of objects, go to the Parallel Processing
tab on the HR: ALE Distribution of HR Master Data page, then select a
value of 100 or less at the Number of Object per Process prompt. This
ensures that driver processing does not consume too much Java heap

Click Execute. Ensure that the status is set to Passed to Port Okay.

Repeat Step 1 through Step 4 for Object Type C for Job objects.

Repeat Step 1 through Step 4 for Object Type S for Position objects.

IMPORTANT:Export the objects in the order specified above. This ensures
that the driver creates the correct relationships when users are
imported into the Identity Vault.



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