How to change the IDM LDAP driver timeout settings

My question is this, is there a way to change the timeout(s) used by the LDAP driver to shorten the time it waits for a response from the remote system? Here is a little background on my issue and setup.

I have some IDM LDAP drivers connecting to some Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) instances. Sometimes the OUD instances do not respond to queries for some reason that the OUD admin can not pin down. This causes the driver to stop processing everything on the subscriber channel until a timeout of 15 minutes is reached. At which point it finishes the transaction it was doing and continues on. This causes issues especially if someone changes a password and that transaction gets queued with all the other transactions waiting for the query to time out. I am guessing this is probably a java setting or something that needs to be modified but not sure so looking for some help/input from people far more skilled at the LDAP driver than I am.