Trace levels in ID Apps in 4.7.2, are they still working for you?

I have been trying to troubleshoot some issues in ID Apps 4.7.2 so no problem, I know how to do this, enable the proper trace level in the GUI, configuration, logging and away we go.

But classes that I Know what they SHOULD trace, just plain are not.  Like com.novell.idm.nrf.persist should show me the Code Map refreshes happen, when set at TRACE is not logging it.

In the past, when I was really stuck I would enable com.novell to TRACE and man did I get hit with a firehose, but I could search that for some kind of error and once i found the class throwing the error i could turn off com.novell, and enable that class and work on the issue.

But now, I am getting very minimal logging. Some stuff is being trace, but nothing like it used to be.


Has anyone else noticed a difference in 4.7.2?  (This is probably teh change point since IDMProv is being deprecated for the new ID APps interface in 4.7.2).