Identity Reporting Configuration

I seem to be having more issues with reporting now than I have in the past. Does anyone know of any better documentation than the MF documentation? The MF documentation is terrible.

I'm trying to determine if my DCS driver and MSGW driver are correct. Maybe I'm misreading or not completely understanding the documentation but something just doesn't seem right. DCS driver runs and MSGW driver runs, however in the idmdcs page with reporting the DCS state stays in suspended mode. When I enable it and try data collection I get the error that the api couldn't be connected to at I don't see an idvdata folder on the vault server, should this be pointing to the reporting application server? I believe this is a dynamically created connection as I don't have a reference to that server in the configuration for the DCS driver or the MSGW driver. That is also the ip that shows up on the overview screen in the idmdcs landing page. It is not editable through the landing page so I'm assuming it has to be edited elsewhere. Any help is appreciated.