Userapplication Role Assignment tab limiting to 500 Users

So we have upgraded our environment to 4.7.3.  When we go to the admin tab, select roles and choose a role that has more than 500 users, the autopopulation of the users under the role assignments tab is limited to 500.  We find that it also limits the search from that field directly to the 500 users autopopulated.  Does anyone know how to expand this number beyond 500 or to remove this limitation?  For example, we have a role called VPN, it has 10000 users, when we go to that role and check the role assignments it will pull up 500 users with 25 users per page by default.  If say user1 is not in that original 500 users we have to use the filter to find that user, there is some sort of limitation to the default role assignment that needs to be adjusted.  Does anyone know how to resolve this?

  • Getting all the users who were assigned to that particular role can be achieved in edirectory itself through any ldap browser.

    Go to that role object.. You can able to see all the users who are being assigned..

  • I do not have an environment at hand where I can test this solution (no roles with 500 users), but it might be what you are looking for:
    With the administrator account you can go to Settings and choose the Client you use (standard is client1). Choose Customization, standard setting uses DAL Entity User. If you scroll down there is a 'User Search Limit' value - standard value is 500. According to documentation this setting specifies the maximum number of users that the application can list as a result of a user search. Might help to set a higher value here?
    Good luck!

  • This is working as designed. The value is not hardcoded, and can be changed - but I don't have a system where I can look it up right now.

    The limit was set so that users would not have to wait indefinitely on a result - 500 is a reasonable number, and as you have noticed the filter is working.



  • We tried this, it didn't fix the issue.
  • Regardless of this being by design, it is flawed. It only loads 500 users and won't allow you to scroll 500 more users. Secondly it will not find users in the quick search if they're not in the 500 initially returned. This design is flawed regardless of intention.
  • I know that is a way to view the users assigned to a role but has nothing to do with my dilemma here.
  • Open Service Request, and get Support to open a bug against this.

    WIth IDMProv the number was the same, which probably is why it's been set to this in dash.



  • That may be true but it would load multiple pages of 500, so you could scroll it if needed, this new way only loads 500 initially and you only get those 500 without going through additional steps to change the filter. You also can not quick search a user that is not in that initial 500 as I stated, it's not a stopping point, just a poor design as it requires a user to go through a longer search process to find a user not in the initial 500 users. The other flaw is that if you set a search index based on certain attributes it bogs down the searching.
  • I am no doubt that the design is flawed, and there could be some improvements. The only way to get it changed is to get the ear of the PM, or go via a service request push to a change. 

    I've not looked much at dash but my initial findings is on par, with what you have found.