Reporting Application Assistance / Knowledge

This is my first time configuring reporting using an oracle database. I'm hoping that someone here can answer a few questions I have. I am asking here because this has been a more reliable source of information than support.
IDM Reporting App 4.7.2
eDirectory 9.1.3
RHEL 7.4
OSP 6.3
DB: Oracle 12c

1. When you first configure the Application to use Oracle, does this become the idmdcsdatasource?
I see there is an option to add an Oracle Datasource but I see the built-in source as idmdcsdatasource and I'm wondering if that is indeed just pointing back to the oracle DB used to initially configure the application or if this is some local datasource created on the application server.

2. Do all of the reports have to be manually added via sql developer or another tool using those sql scripts in oracle if there is no internet connection from your application server to the download server? Or has anyone successfully used the local setup described in the documentation? I've tried to create the manual page and the application doesn't see it. Any help on that is also appreciated.