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Ability to directly open and edit part of a nested IF statement in Designer

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 3 years ago
With a nested If statement, it would be so helpful if one could click on and edit directly a given part of the structure, rather than having to open successive "else if" windows to get to the one you want.

I realize that the default "double click to open" would present the entire statement, but if you could open one branch at that point, it would be so much less time-consuming.

[I am using dots in lieu of spaces for delineation]

...else if
......else if

I think this would be welcome by anyone who has nested statements. It's just kind of confusing that you can *see* the piece you want to edit in the raw presentation, but once you try to open it for editing, you're stuck in the monolithic if-then-elseif --> [new window] else if --> [new window] else if --> [new window] pattern, from the top down.

Thank you for considering the idea -
Karla B