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Add support for Team Foundation Server (TFS) in addition to Subversion

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago
IDM Designer currently has integration with Subversion. Would like to see it also support Team Foundation Server.

Who would want this: Any company that is moving to TFS, or teams that are more comfortable with TFS over Subversion

Why is it valuable: It provides options for your customers

How would it be used: Just like subversion

How it differs? I did not see an existing idea "like" this



  • If you use file system integration, I don't think the check in process will "describe" which policies you're checking in or pulling down. Being able to see the names of the files: e.g. 34JJKUPX.xml wouldn't be helpful to "understand" the changes in the repository. Also, comparison version history for a policy is exceedingly more complicated. If those features would be available with the filesystem based integration, I think that would be workable.
  • Would a better option be to use file system based integration so that file could be consumed by any tool, TFS, Subversion, etc...?