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"Admin Console" for IDM (and IG)

Status : Under Consideration
over 1 year ago
Hi guys,

So create a unified and web based admin interface, can we please have an "Admin Console" for IDM (and IG) like Access Manager has (including REST API's for configuration to support CI/CD).

This would be the central place to inspect (and manage) configuration, health (consistency), versions, performance, and so on. This central management point becomes critical for cloud, appliance and docker deployment models if it is to scale, etc. effectively.

Note: By separating the operational functions into the "IGA Admin Console", we can remove these functions from designer - designer can then focus on development only.



  • Under consideration for IGA. Please provide specific use cases. For example, are you asking for the REST layer to be exposed for administration tasks across IG/IDM?

  • For some of these functions, consider Console2 by Alekz at He has taken as many Java based functions as he could find and rolled them into one tool for iDM Management. Tons of features, very useful day to day. Not quite a dashboard for Management but a single place to do many many IDM tasks.
  • It would be great to have similar features/functionality in Admin console for IDM & IG as currently available in admin console for Access Manager. Along with access to log files that would come handy during troubleshooting. Idea should be eventually to move into GUI interface both administration and configuration considering user friendly interface. Currently alot of the customers are facing challenges due to lack of GUI interface.
  • Health monitoring of the various internal components (in distributed installation case) and the connected systems displayed on this dashboard would be really helpful. It saves a lot of time in analyzing the health of such a complex system.
  • Would be great to use this for patching as well.