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DirXML Policy In-Line Comments

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago
Sometimes DirXML policies are very long, and very not readable.
It will be really helpful if we will be able to use in-line comments, in order to make the code more readable.


  • I agree that a "comment" token would be very useful.

    "Overloading" the trace token and disabling is just a workaround.

    The comment token could also be rendered differently in the policy builder and be useful when generating documentation.



    I agree with this idea, a comment action would be very helpful in Designer, especially during hand offs. I have multiple times inherited code I take a good long look at and ask myself "what?", it would be beneficial to be able to insert a comment (other than in XML) that explains why something is being done. Example: In this XPath token we go through each X, perform Y action, and if Z, then reinsert into the operation.


  • In the short term, add a Do-Trace-Message token, and disable it. (Aaron yells at me and says, just set it to trace at level 30 and leave it active, but same end result). Now you can do inline comments at will. No matter how deeply nested.