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Drap and Drop for Client Customization Settings UserApp should have independent moving screens

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8 months ago

Identity Manager Dashboard

Identity Manager Dashboard version 4.8.1 was built on May 15, 2020 11:46 AM from revision 2029,

When in Settings | Client 1 | Customization Settings, have the left part of the screen, Card View move independent of the right part of the screen "Attributes".

This would make clicking and dragging an attribute from the right side to the left side if there are a lot of attributes.  In our case we have over 100 attributes in our list.

See screenshot.Identity Manager Dashboard.jpg




  • Agreed.  The UI does not scale well.  To make it work, I have tried Zooming to horribly high reslution so the entire set of 100 attributes fits on the screen and memorizing where the attribute of interest falls in the list then dragging it in.  A terrible solution to an obvious problem.