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Google Apps driver should support Aliases for Groups

Status : New Idea
over 1 year ago

This is an external enhancement request that supports the internal enhancement request.
1172121 - Google Apps driver should support Aliases for Groups.


The problem is that today the Google apps drover does not support the Alias attribute of Groups. This needs to be possible.


In my case I needed to change name and e-mail address of the groups and that is possible.

The problem is that when the e-mail address is changed the old e-mail address is automaticly saved as an Alias. If a new group is then created with the old groups name that will fail or be forces to have another e-mail address and this will clutter the system.


We need to be able to delete the Alias after changing the e-mail address.

In reality we need to be able to manipulate the Alias attribute just as it is possible through the API: