Idea ID: 2786729

IDM User Application - Make user search attribute configurable

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 1 year ago
IDM User Application is currently using the user`s distinguished name when referring to a user object during a workflow or when searching for a user's requests in the IDM dashboard.

This leads to problems when there is no flat user container in the identity vault. In this case, whenever a user is moved into another container, all corresponding requests in the IDM User Application that are not completed yet will terminate, since the user's DN changed and the user can not be referenced anymore.

Furthermore it is no longer possible in the IDM Dashboard (or in the iManager) to display the requests of a user that were started before the user move (because in this place the requests are also identified by the user's DN).

If the attribute which is used by the IDM User Application (and the iManager) to identify the user could be configured (e.g. to use the GUID instead of the DN) these problems in case of a none flat user container could be solved.