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Improve Connection Reliability in Designer

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago
Product: Designer for Identity Manager
Version: 4.7
Problem: When working over VPN to a client, if you take any break of more than about 10 minutes like to answer an eMail or phone call (timing probably depends on the client’s VPN settings), when you get back and try to compare your project, you get a failure.
Current Workaround: Open the IDVault icon on a different tab and click to refresh connection. That fixes it every time almost instantaneously.
How this should work: A compare should just do the refresh every time. If engineering feels they have to make it optional, make it a check box to refresh before updates. The current behavior, which is for me to forget, get stuck waiting for a time out, switch tabs, refresh and switch back is frustrating and unnecessary.