Idea ID: 2787065

Provide ability to assign or remove Roles & Resources for a user in 1 area - not 2 as in 4.7/4.8

Status : Under Consideration
over 1 year ago
In 4.5 you were able to assign or unassign Roles & Resources for a user in the ‘Work Dashboard’ by clicking on the ‘Manage’ button and selecting a user.

While 4.7.x does have the same capabilities to accomplish these tasks as 4.5 it does require that you visit multiple locations within the UI.
  • A common task is to remove a Role and replace it with a correct role. I have a customer where this is done hundreds of times a day.

    The cost in time, as there are too many clicks involved to get this done vs being in one place.


  • Need to understand the customer impact and estimated cost to customers in having tasks split out to their specific areas vs all in one location.

  • Specifically, when you look at the Users in the catalog, you can see the Roles and Resources assigned, but you cannot request additional, or remove existing from that view. You have to change to the Roles or Resources in the catalog and change them from the Role object. This is a distinct oversight.