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Recipient should be searchable by CN value

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago
In IDM 4.7.x in the Tasks / Tasks for Others / Request History / Request History of Others and everywhere else where recipient is mentioned in the field, it should be possible to search for the CN of the recipient.

Currently you can search for the values displaying in the Recipient column, e.g. Given Name or Surname, but not CN


  • I second this one. I have an environment where name cannot be considered unique. I would think we could get search for CN included pretty easily, as the value is already populated in the database. Maybe we should first suggest that a search be done on the directory as well, for the User search attributes that have been configured and then sorted based on what is returned from the database search, before displaying the results to the end-user. I'm not sure what would be best from a design perspective and that may take a really long time in some environments with a lot of active tasks.