Idea ID: 2780352

Simulator in 4.7 - Updating Input doc with output of simulation

Status : Accepted
over 3 years ago
It looks like 4.7 Designer added a feature that could be very useful in one use case.

It looks like if you enter an Input document to Simulator, run successfully, and update the output (Add in a Modify-attr or the like) then it gets included in the Input document of the next run of Simulator.

This is awesome if you are testing policy objects in sequence. Feed the output of the first into the second, and that output into the third.

However the other main use case is to re-run the exact same document through as many times as it takes to get the policy working properly.

Thus the idea: 1) Make this an option on the Simulator Input ediitor page. I.e. Do you want the Input updated based on the policy run successfully?
2) Allow a default to be set in Settings. So I could default to NOT copying through until I am ready to test that way.