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Support for adding Aux classes to IDM objects

Status : New Idea
over 1 year ago

I have multiple scenarios where it would be beneficial to add an Aux class to a driver or a role:

- To create a solution for GDPR compliance, it would be useful to add e.g. legal information to the DirXML-Driver object

- To allow approvers to review license costs, it would be useful to add license cost to nrfRole objects

There are multiple ways to get around the need for this but all of the ones I've thought of either means duplicating objects in the ID vault (e.g. making a "shadow" role catalog) or making use of outside components (a database, web pages). What I would like is to be able to have everything in a single user interface, without relying on outside components and having a solution supported by MicroFocus support.

  • I asked NTS before the summer if adding Aux classes to driver and role objects was supported and the answer I got was "no". The reason for this answer is that the developers have never tested it to an extent that they are willing to say that it is supported. So yes, you can do it and yes, most likely you won't see a problem, but you are doing something that is not supported.

    Since I can't really implement unsupported solutions for my customers, I submitted this as a request to have this option supported. My apologies if this was unclear in my initial description.

  • You can create an Aux class with optional Aux attributes to attach to those objects.  You'll then need some sort of a workflow to set those values.  Support won't support your aux attributes, but they will still support everything else.  Aux attributes don't hurt anything.

  • I was not aware of that option but I will look into it. But there are other reasons I wish to add information to roles - for instance, I want to construct a workflow with a configurable number of levels of approval. To do this, I need to store information about the role somewhere.

  • For info - For cost we used custom resource parameters on the resources in user app.