Idea ID: 2786585

Workday Driver – Make retrieving Phone_Data more configurable

Status : Accepted
over 1 year ago
I like that the phone information coming out of Workday is configurable. It would be better if we could also specify the Phone_Data format coming out of Workday instead of it being hard coded to the wd:Internation_Formatted_Phone. That way several formats can be mapped to several different attributes easily and no policies will be needed to transform the data into the desired format. Being able to pick the format during configuration would be great.

wd:Workday_Traditional_Formatted_Phone="+1 (450) 7530977"
wd:National_Formatted_Phone="(450) 753-0977"
wd:International_Formatted_Phone="+1 450-753-0977"
wd:Tenant_Formatted_Phone="+1 450-753-0977">