iManager Plugin Roles and Tasks

over 14 years ago

Target Platform:

All Platforms.


Java 1.4 or Higher is required.


Plugin Roles and Tasks Mapping is tool to view Roles and Tasks provided by iManager Plugin NPM Build. You can view this mapping in different locale if it is supported by NPM. In case if the resource IDs are not found then the tool informs the user using [NOT FOUND] TAG. It is very useful tool for anyone especially developer/tester involved in iManager Plugin or Framework development/testing.

You can even specify the resource file directory (most of the time its Framework directory) to get the exact mapping. Here the more accurate the path, minimum time the tool takes for getting the exact map.


  1. iManager Plugin NPM(s) as well as Framework NPM(s) are supported.

  • User can supply folder which has set of NPM(s).

  • User can view the resource name and task names in specified locale.

  • User can specify the multiple resource file directory.

  • Displays Number of Tasks provided by the plugin

Using Plugin Roles and Tasks Mapping:

Unzip using unzip command line utility or winzip/winrar utility.

For Windows:


This will display the help. Follow this.

For Unix:

  ./ GetTask

This will display the help. Follow this



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