IDM Engine Trace Split Tool

over 8 years ago
The attached Perl script will take an input engine trace file and split the contents of it into two files, a subscriber channel file and a publisher channel file.  All neutral data is written into both files.  It does not modify the original trace file.

I created this Perl script because following an event in an IDM engine trace from a busy driver can be a challenge. Busy drivers can produce traces with intermixed publisher and subscriber channels making it somewhat difficult to follow the flow of a particular event. With this Perl script, you can now split the trace file, not losing any content, and having channel specific log files.


Command line only and you need to have Perl 5.x or above. (may work with previous versions but not tested)

perl <Input_Trace_File> <Subscriber_Output_File> <Publisher_Output_File>

ie.  perl AD-Trace.log AD-Trace-SUB.log AD-Trace-PUB.log

ie. perl /blah/Desktop/SAP_Trace.txt /tmp/SAP_SUB.txt /tmp/SAP_PUB.txt


Feel free to comment and make recommendations.




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