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DFS results in Result 182

Hi all!

Running a trial license on the latest File Dynamics version.

Customer has the following:

- Server1 - Engine, Admin Client, Event Monitor

- Server2 - File System Agent

- DC1 - DFS name space

- DC2 - DFS name space

So File System Agent is not installed on the DC's (Domain Controllers) where the DFS name space is located.

We are not able to detect the DFS shares with File Dynamics. In the log we get:

GetDFSNameSpaceInfoEx() - Failed to get DFS Name Space Root Share information, Host = "", Share = "Home", DFS Entry = "\Home", Result = 182. A dummy entry will be built as a placeholder.

The fdproxygroup has full share permissions on the DFS folder.

What is the meaning of 182? How can we troubleshoot this? Is there a list of error codes and their meaning?

Best regards