Technical Insight Series: Lifecycle Management of Unstructured Data, June 14


Technical Insight Series

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Products: File Reporter, File Dynamics

Take advantage of policy-driven automation in File Dynamics to control the provisioning, disposition and management of your data to ensure that organizational goals are achieved and compliance and governance requirements are met. Policy can be applied through Identity and Role constructs, optionally in conjunction with Identity Management, or directly against High-Value-Target data locations. Construct and refine policies by using File Reporter to gain views on your data from a variety of perspectives including where it is located, who can access it, how it’s growing, and how it is aging. Engage Line-of-Business Data Owners outside of IT to make decisions and take action on their data. 

Speaker David Condrey

15:30 PM - 16:30 PM (EST)/12.30 PM - 13.30 PM (PST)
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