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How to check if modify event fails to update certain attribute

I am using eDir2eDir driver. I am not sure how to write a condition which checks if modify event is failed to modify certain attribute (In this case nspmDistributionPassword)

Following is trace- 

<modify class-name="User" dest-dn="\QA\test1\test2\People\tstusr" src-dn="test1\test2\med\people\tstusr">
<modify-attr attr-name="nspmDistributionPassword" failed-sync="true"><!-- content suppressed --><!-- content suppressed -->

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \TEST-DIR1\services\Driver Set 1\p-level1-pass
Channel: Subscriber
Object: \QA\test1\test2\People\tstusr (test1\test2\med\people\tstusr)
Status: Warning
Message: Code(-8021) Unable to set NMAS password: -16008 NMAS_E_PASSWORD_NUMERIC_MIN.

If I see the above warning message , I want to send an email .

I will appreciate your help. Thanks.

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