determine edir object creation time


What is the reliable way to determine edir object creation time?

  • createTimeStamp -> gets updated when object is moved (verified via LDAP)
  • query:readObject($srcQueryProcessor, '', $dn, 'User', 'creatorsName')/attr[@attr-name='creatorsName']/value/@timestamp -> gets updated when object is moved (verified via IDM)
  • any attribute (verified in iMonitor) gets a new timestamp as well when object is moved

 verified in:

Product Version: eDirectory for Linux x86_64 v9.2.4 [DS] / Binary Version: 40205.00

on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5

(as I am not an edir sme, I might do something wrong)




  • creation time stamp is an 'operational attribute' that can be queried via ldap - here is an example using ldapsearch where i query several of the operational attributes on a user 'test99'

    ldapsearch -D cn=admin,o=testlab -W -b o=testlab cn=test99 createtimestamp creatorsname entryflags localentryid modifytimestam


    dn: cn=test99,o=testlab
    creatorsname: CN=admin,O=testlab
    localEntryID: 90C7
    entryFlags: 0
    createTimeStamp: 20230822213615Z
    modifyTimeStamp: 20230927202818Z

  • I have not got an OES server running at the moment to conduct tests, but I wonder if you could not get the object creation time indirectly by retrieving the modification time for an attribute such as GUID which is set at creation time, should not change, and would not be affected by a move operation.

    HTH, John

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