determine edir object creation time


What is the reliable way to determine edir object creation time?

  • createTimeStamp -> gets updated when object is moved (verified via LDAP)
  • query:readObject($srcQueryProcessor, '', $dn, 'User', 'creatorsName')/attr[@attr-name='creatorsName']/value/@timestamp -> gets updated when object is moved (verified via IDM)
  • any attribute (verified in iMonitor) gets a new timestamp as well when object is moved

 verified in:

Product Version: eDirectory for Linux x86_64 v9.2.4 [DS] / Binary Version: 40205.00

on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5

(as I am not an edir sme, I might do something wrong)




  • creation time stamp is an 'operational attribute' that can be queried via ldap - here is an example using ldapsearch where i query several of the operational attributes on a user 'test99'

    ldapsearch -D cn=admin,o=testlab -W -b o=testlab cn=test99 createtimestamp creatorsname entryflags localentryid modifytimestam


    dn: cn=test99,o=testlab
    creatorsname: CN=admin,O=testlab
    localEntryID: 90C7
    entryFlags: 0
    createTimeStamp: 20230822213615Z
    modifyTimeStamp: 20230927202818Z

  • From experience I would always check the modify- and createTimestamp using iMonitor if there is any doubt. Just to be sure. 

    Not that I doubt that ldap will give the right answer, but iMonitor is the reference. 

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