Idea ID: 2878469

Identity Console: Create a permanent configuration setting for the amount of items to show in navigation frames.

Status: New Idea

In pages with a list of subordinate objects to show you are able to change the amount of subordinate objects shown on the page but the setting is not persistent for the active logged in Identity Console session. The modified setting will always be reset to the default when one will start over from the "Home screen".

From the "Tree view" help page:
By default, navigation frame displays up to 10 subordinate objects per container but you can change this setting below the navigation frame panel in Tree View.

This configurable setting was available in iManager under - Preferences - General - Object view - "Navigation Pane" and "Tree Content Pane".

Steps to Reproduce:
a) Open Identity Console eDirectory - "Search" | "Tree View" | "Object Management"
b) Select to show 20 objects per page
c) Switch back to "home screen"
d) Open any of the mentioned Tiles again
    --> Objects per page is set back to default (10)

See demo:

Request based on customer Issue handled in SC 02817807.