Ldapsearch Wrapper


The ldapsearch wrapper is an HTML application which adds a GUI front end to the ldapsearch executable, providing an easy, form based, interface for searches and configuration management.

The Administrator must have access to Novell's LDAPSEARCH.EXE. This exe is not included. It can be found in ConsoleOne\1.2\bin directory in most default installations of the ConsoleOne application.

I wrote this HTA to expose the functionality of the ldapsearch executable to administrators who want to leverage the ldapsearch tool without having to launch ConsoleOne, and without the encumbrance of a sometimes complex command line string.

ldapsearch.hta only runs on Windows, and requires access to Novell's ldapsearch executable (available within the ConsoleOne /bin directory). It assumes a %TEMP% variable exists in your environment (it will use %TEMP% as a working directory). I hardcoded the HTA to always use SSL, so a certificate file will be required.

Once saved to the local PC, double-click to run. If you've never run ldapsearch.hta before it will alert you and create a new ldapsearch.cfg in the same directory path as the hta. This default config file populates the application config with appropriate example config information. Once in the application, an administrator can access the 'Config' option and configure the application with the specific details required for his environment. The modified config can then be applied to the current session only, or can saved and made permanent. For more details access 'Help'.

I recommend against manually editing the ldapsearch.cfg file. If you inadvertently corrupt this file, delete it and the application will create a new one automatically at next start or reload.




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