I loved Tbackup.exe. Too bad it doesn't support long file names. I know there are plenty of great server based alternatives for backing up and restoring trustee rights, but ....

Recently I wanted to migrate a volume from a NetWare server to an OES2 Linux server. Sure, the consolidation utility will do that for me and take care of the trustee rights but what if it all goes horribly wrong? Never happens right?

All I wanted to be able to do was backup the trustee rights of the source volume, perform the migration, and then compare the destination trustees to my originals.

GPTrustee is a very simple windows application that from a Windows XP client with the NetWare client installed will allow you to backup trustee rights to a text file and restore trustee rights from a text file.

Trustee rights are stored in a plain text format, you can take a before and after and using a text file comparison tool such as Beyound Compare, check for differences.

GPTrustee is BASIC - it will backup and restore trustee rights of DIRECTORIES only. It will also not backup and restore extended attributes, IRF's etc. This was good enough for what I needed.

To Backup

  • Map a drive to the root of the NetWare volume you wish to backup the trustees of

  • Run GPTrustee and follow the prompts

To Restore

  • Map a drive to the root of the NetWare volume you wish to restore the trustees to (it must be the same drive letter as was used for the backup – check the backup log for this drive letter)

  • Run GPTrustee and follow the prompts

GPTrustee has only been tested with Windows XP SP3. It is provided in good faith on the chance it is useful to someone else. It has performed as described for me, but please, test it carefully in your environment to ensure it is suitable for you as it is supplied with no warranty expressed or implied.


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