Monitoring eDirectory Performance



We are looking at upgrading our eDirectory replica servers and would like some advice. We are on NetWare 6.5 SP4a.

What statistics can I look at to show current performance of eDirectory? How much memory can eDirectory use? Is there a limit?


1. Select iMonitor -> Agent Activity -> Activity.

Look especially at the DIB Writer here. This is the current thread that has the database lock (eDirectory is a single-writer database, tuned for reading), as well as any threads that are waiting for the write lock. Ideally, you want to see no threads waiting to write here.

2. Select iMonitor -> Agent Activity -> Statistics.

There are lots of database statistics here, in table format, by operation. The average times used by various operations can be enlightening.

3. Select iMonitor -> Agent Configuration -> Database Cache.

This allows you to tune the memory / database cache settings, but also shows the current hits and misses.

eDirectory can use up to 4GB of memory. Depending on the OS you're using, more memory can be used for the disk cache, which can have a side effect of speeding up the directory.


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