Synching Multiple Address Books in Lotus Notes with eDirectory



A Forum reader asked:

"I want to sync users of my Notes enviroment to my eDirectory. How can I sync two and more address book on the same Notes server? Must I create a driver for each address book? In notes.ini, must I add an instance for a driver?"

And here's the reply from Novell's Perry Nuffer ...


Yes. Set up two drivers, one for each address book (or Notes database) you want to synchronize. Also, ndsrep must be launched on the Domino server for each synchronized database.

So if you want to synchronize names.nsf and addressbook.nsf (for example), then two Notes Drivers must be configured, one for each database. Two instances of ndsrep must be run, one for each synchronized database, and ndsrep must be configured to write cache files with different names ... such as ndsrep.nsf and ndsrep2.nsf. The second driver must also be configured to read the second cache file (ndsrep2.nsf).

To change which Notes database is synchronized by the driver, change the 'driver option' parameter value called "Directory File" from names.nsf to whatever the second cache file is called (addressbook.nsf).

To change which cache file the second driver with write to and read from, change the 'driver option' parameter value called "Update File" from ndsrep.nsf to whatever the second cache file is called (ndsrep2.nsf).

You can modify the notes.ini to launch ndsrep twice. Place both ndsrep launch commands in the ServerTasks line - possibly something like the following:

dsrep NotesDriver1,ndsrep NotesDriver2


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