PassXchk alerts end-users that their password is about to expire and allows them the option to change their password. Days-till-expire notification is a settable number on the command line.

This program allows different programs to be called based on the OS type. By default the program will call the companion program "PassChg.exe" from the same directory if the PC is W2K or Windows XP. If the PC is Windows 9x the program will call the password control panel. Both can be changed via command line options.

Program Requirements:
Novell eDirectory and Client32 installed on the client workstation.

Jul-2008 PassXchk Updates version 1.4:

German version added
Add the Ability to pass parameters to PassChg



Comment List
  • Great product! We will be able to use this in our environment. Only one problem with it though, and a small one at that: Dual-monitor support.

    Currently, this application pops up at the midpoint between monitors. I have tested this on several different XP machines, with different graphics cards, and all have the same effect.No other apps/windows on these multi-monitor machines have this problem.

    Please set this app up so that it forces itself onto the primary monitor. Spanning monitors makes the yes/no prompt practically unreadable for the average user.