Another Workaround for ConsoleOne Templates



In the Cool Solutions article "Workarounds for ConsoleOne Templates (, Peter suggests using ConsoleOne over NWAdmin in order to avoid LDAP issues. I have a few things to add to his comments.

The problem that TID 10075451 talks about is the need for a UniqueID attribute on each user, which ConsoleOne by default populates with the value of CN. For example, you could create a user BobSmith, CN=BobSmith and UniqueID=BobSmith, but NWAdmin does not populate this attribute.


If you're using LDAP utilities that require UniqueID, here's a workaround:

  1. Go to the LDAP Group object for the LDAP server.

  • In the Attribute Mappings page, change the LDAP UID to NDS UniqueID mapping, to point at the NDS CN.

Note: Be sure that this mapping is what you want, as it will affect all servers associated with the LDAP group.


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