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Remote loader configuration


I need help on the remote loader configuration for the Identity Governance driver. I´m following the documentation but it is not very clear to me how to configure it. I installed Java remote loader on the IGA server, I copied the driver shim and the database driver to the lib folder and I configured the driver according to the documentation to connect to the remote loader. I followed the same procedure I had done before. But as I want to use a secure communication between IDM and IGA, I needed to configure the driver and remote loader to use certificates. That it is where I got confused. I configured the driver to use mutual authentication, but it did not connect. It is saying connection refused. I checked the parameters, exported certificates, keystore passwords, etc, with no success. I also tried to configure it without mutual authentication with no success either. 

I need 2 information if you have them.

1- A step by step configuration on the driver/remote loader configuration.

2- How to configure the Identity Manager integration on the in console mode.