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Remote loader configuration


I need help on the remote loader configuration for the Identity Governance driver. I´m following the documentation but it is not very clear to me how to configure it. I installed Java remote loader on the IGA server, I copied the driver shim and the database driver to the lib folder and I configured the driver according to the documentation to connect to the remote loader. I followed the same procedure I had done before. But as I want to use a secure communication between IDM and IGA, I needed to configure the driver and remote loader to use certificates. That it is where I got confused. I configured the driver to use mutual authentication, but it did not connect. It is saying connection refused. I checked the parameters, exported certificates, keystore passwords, etc, with no success. I also tried to configure it without mutual authentication with no success either. 

I need 2 information if you have them.

1- A step by step configuration on the driver/remote loader configuration.

2- How to configure the Identity Manager integration on the in console mode.



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    The Identity Governance (Access Review) Driver was a driver that could be utilized with Access Review 2.5 and earlier versions. The ability to request permissions was added to version 3.0.0 of Identity Governance in an area is named Access Request.  At that time the Identity Governance (Access Review) Driver was no longer needed and was outlined as being depreciated. In later releases of Identity Governance the interaction with the Identity Governance (Access Review) Driver was removed.

    In the upcoming IDM release, the Identity Governance (Access Review) Driver should be removed. Since you are on version 3.7.0 of Identity Governance, there is no need to try to install or configure this driver. Please utilize Access Request a feature of Identity Governance for requesting Permissions.

    Steven Williams
    Principal Enterprise Architect
    Micro Focus

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    Thank you. I will remove it.