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Account assigned multiple times to the same identity

Hello guys when you have account which is  assigned multiple times to same identity can this issue caused by  where you collected identity from?

or in  identity governance configuration itself? 

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    Accounts come from applications.

    If you bring up the Application Name column when on the Accounts tab of the Identity you might see that the user has the same account name in different applications (or you might not). It all depends on how you are collecting and mapping the accounts to the identity.

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    As Aleksandar outlined, Accounts are collected via the Account Collector that one creates/defines within an Application Source. Having the an Account from an Application Source assigned more than once to an Identity (User) is generally an indication of either (a) bad data in the backend application source or (b) incorrect mapping/configuration within the Account Collector.

    Steven Williams
    Principal Enterprise Architect
    Micro Focus