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Identity Change Event Productions - where to find?


in this documentation ( '' ) there is the following pargraph:

The Identity Change Event Productions allows you to see details of the change events that occurred during the polling time, such as, entities that were added, modified, or deleted. Depending on your requirement, you can select or sort the columns, or use event data to search events. You can also filter event data based on specific event type.


Where do I find this 'Identity Change Event Productions' ? For me it sounds like this should be a specific view in the IG, but I didn't found something like that. I know, in the database there is the table 'RTC_CHANGE_EVENT_BATCH' but according to the paragraph I would assume there is an easier way to have a look at those 'change events'.



  • Verified Answer

    Starting with version 3.7.3 for on-prem (earlier in SaaS), if you have a "with changes" Identity collector then:

    1) Login to Governance as an Admin

    2) Go to Data Sources -> Identities
    2.a) Select your existing Identity Source that is of type "with changes"
    (AD Identity with changes, eDirectory Identity (w/o IDM) with changes, or IDM Identity with changes)
    2.a.1) Expand the name of the collector
    Here you will now see:

    -Enable change event processing

    -We have also made it possible to control the polling at the Collector level as compared to the Global Level with the following two (2) properties
    Polling Interval
       *Note: It is still Best Practice to have this set at 35 minutes or longer*
    Maximum poll time

    Last poll time
    To the right of this will be a link "Identity Change Event Productions". Select it and the pop-in will appear. You can add other columns for more details. If there was a change taken in, you can click on the number to get the details.

      *Note: This area is similar to the views from "Publish Changes" (that was added to Application Sources with 3.7.0 for on-prem, earlier in SaaS), and Business Role Detections Tab (added a long time ago)

    Steven Williams
    Principal Enterprise Architect
    Micro Focus

  • Hello,

    thank you for the information! Since I currently have only 3.7 installed, it would explain why I can't see this setting.

    The two settings are the following one?

    - com.netiq.iac.rtc.event.polling.interval

    - com.netiq.iac.rtc.max.polling.timeout

    And if it is ok to ask here - the second setting "max.polling.timeout". Does this mean, the change collector will try for x minutes (e.g 2 min) to collect all the changes from the IDM? (I'm only using the ' IDM Identity with changes' and I'm not talking about doing a fullimport) But after the two minutes - even if there are more changes - the collector will abort the collection?