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Administrator Mail Notification Settings - IG 3.7


it seems like the Identity Governace sends mail notification to the administratior group if a collection failed, or if there is an error with the fulfillment.

Those error messages are fine, but we don't want them -particularly not in our dev environment.

My problem is, I didn't found an option to disable it, also I don't found anything useful in the documentation.

I found the global config settings 'com.netiq.iac.collpub.failure.notification.enabled' and set it to false and it seems to surpress the mail notifications for collections, but not for the fulfillment.

Is there an overview which settings are available to disable mail notifications for administrators, or is it more like trial and error?



  • Hello,

    1) I will research and respond back if there is a way to disable the failed/error notification for Fulfillment

    2) The documentation does not currently have an overview of the different Notification options in one (1) place. They are outlined in the different areas throughout the documentation.

    Steven Williams
    Principal Enterprise Architect
    OpenText Cybersecurity

  • As a best practice, for development environments, I recommend one of three things:

    1.  Many email services, such as Google, allow for specific tricks to deliver mail to a single account with many dynamic values - for example works, but also works.  Everything between the + and the @ becomes ignored.  So, in development, you can collect the values, swap the @ for the word at, then deliver it all to a single address - for example would become  This allows for unique emails in IG Dev environments that always route to a single address.

    2.  While #1 is great, my preferred method is to relay through a mail server that will redirect all messages to a single address.  So, we point the mail to a mail relay server that is configured to reroute all messages from the dev IG server to a specific alias or address.  

    3.  If all else fails, simply break the email configuration to send no mails.