Review stuck in "Starting Review" status

IG 3.7.3

The review from the Estimate Impact function has 4900 users, 32 permissions and 19124 review targets.

We actually have 10 of these reviews to cover 50,000 user population, rather than try to do a gigantic review (last year we eventually got it working doing it this way). Same as last year though, the review seems to be stuck in startup status after 3 whole days. There is nothing in the logs to indicate any errors in calculating the review.

Is there any way to at least see if the process is truly stuck or just taking a long time? I tried poking around the database, found the review instance and all I could find related to that was a single "review_task" and nothing at all in the "review_item" table. I'd really like to get some indication that something is actually happening to know roughly when the review will be ready to go live or if in fact it will never get there.

  • You'll likely want to open a ticket with support.   You can see *some* progress information in the Performance Log CSV report (which is the igops.perf_log table), notably: StartReview rows for: Generate Items, Init review and reviewer progress counts, Generate Runtime roles, Start workflow for notifications, Calc Cert Policies, and Update Statistics.
    In a related note, how's your maintenance doing?   Sounds like you have some biiiig applications to review, are you keeping your igops as small as possible?  More aggressive maintenance could improve db performance.