Group users using a different Identity source.

Hello, I have a use case of group users from an IDM source using another CSV identity source. I tried it but not working. I want to confirm whether this is supported.

In my env, I get users from IDM using eDirectory Identity Collector. Now I get information on users to be grouped in a CSV file.

I created another CSV file Identity source and defined group and members from CSV file—the member value I put as the userID of existing users which is a DN.

I tried publish and merge on email and member as DN value of users in the catalog, publish without merge with no user in the identity source CSV file, but users in group source CSV file is DN value for members.

I tried having a unique userID in the identity CSV source file and merge on email for publish and merge and used that userID in the group source file.

On collection group is created but members are not getting added.

Want to confirm when doing a group collection is it a requirement to do it on the same collector that collects the users?

If I want to group users using a CSV Identity collector, which are collected by eDirectory Identity Collector, Is this supported? If supported how should I define the members in the group CSV source file and should I publish and merge or I can do without merge with an empty identity source CSV file?

Also when I define a second CSV Identity collector with publish and merge, it always comes first in order and not able to drag down after the eDirectory collector. Is this the issue? I want to do this with out merge and just use group mapping in second collector.



  • I tried setting this up with a LDAP Identity source and a csv file with just an identifier and a group name in it.  I tried a few things with using just the group collector, and then using the group and the membership collector, but nothing worked.  I was able to get a single group, but the member it added wasn't merged at all, or with the identity I thought it should merge with.   Steve or others might have some thoughts on the internals of merging mutliple sources and if group membership can cross those sources.