How to properly implement the proccess to make a Identity Manager automated (system) Fulfillment through Access Request

Hi, community.

The scenario I'm facing is, when a Access Request is made and the manager and owners approved, the access requested must be granted to the Initiator without manual intervention. 

I followed the course instructions from Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Academy and configured the Fulfillment Target of the application to Identity Manager automated (system). However, nothing occurs after the collection + publish, neither the access is granted in the IDM side and neither is show on the Current Access of the user. Also, I could not find any logs towards these changes in the IDM side, not in the driver of this application and neither in catalina.out from UserApp logs.

The requested access keep showing in Fullfillment -> Requests of the Fullfillment Administration User after the collection + publish.

Is there another configuration necessary? Where can i see the logs of these?