Permission to Account Mapping

I created two collectors for one application. The first collects accounts, and the second permissions aka groups.

The collection of both is working, but the association of the groups to the accounts is not set as expected.

This is what I receive during the collection test of the permission collector. The filed "list_of_users" is a csv containing the "Account Names" collected by the account collector.

The attribute mapping of the permission collector seams to be correct as well:

But when running the collection I am receiving 12 Errors - this matches the number of groups, providing a value for list_of_users.

Fur sure I checked if the values from the csv could be matched to the values of "Account Name" ..... 

First I was trying to convert the csv to an array by a transformation script, but this was not working either!

Next I used the transformation script to wrap the csv in suare brackets:

[FINEST] 2024-04-17 13:08:01.868 [com.netiq.daas.daaservice.util.Transformation] [DAAS] ScriptEngine outputValue: [LALAZZEH,AGYFTAKIS,SKOHL,SUPPORTREPLAY,P_PLW_TEMPLATE_USER,SUPPORT,DELIVERYMANAGER]

After this change, I can see the assigned groups on the account in the IG catalog, but the permissions in the catalog do not show the assigned accounts!

This is quite strange, since the information regarding the assigned accounts is provided by list_of_users during the collection/publication of the permissions!

Is it possible to show the accounts assigned on a permission in catalog as well, or is it only possible to show the assigned users?

Kind regards