Catalog Account Category bug in 4.2?

This is a postgres backend, 4.2 environment on a linux host.

I have an application with an account and permission collectors that are working fine.   When I go to the catalog and choose application, then drill into my application and choose the account tab, and then select to view account category column, I notice something.  In my environment I have no categories created, and in the account mapping I don't map a value to account category.  However, when we view this column, it appears that the browser is trying to make infinite calls to:


Even if I'm only viewing a few rows, the browser (a google chrome instance) will make repeated calls to this endpoint, so much so that the browser will slow down, and eventually run out of memory, because the responses don't come back as fast as I'm sending them.

From the responses I do see that I get back, they are all 200's.

This isn't a show stopper, but FYI y'all.