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Review Definitions - More Reviewer options (Maybe a system like the coverage maps)

Status: Under Consideration

Thank you for your response. We are evaluating the idea and would update the status shortly.

See status update history

With version 3.7.0 it is only possible to select 4 different type of reviewers:

  • by Supervisor
  • Self Review
  • by Selected Users
  • by Business Role

it would be nice to have the option to do some attribute expressions or to use a similiar system like coverage maps to determine the reviewer.

Our use case:

we need to have an option to define an attribute expression for a relationship between user/reviewer. Currently only the 'supervisor' has this kind of relationship, but in our case we have more than one relationship type. We already managed to do this kind of relationship with coverage maps, but we don't have this option for reviews.

    I needed to comment like this because I don't think I can directly comment on your note in the status update.

    I didn't add it in the idea back in the time, but I'm only talking about the review type 'User Profile Review' (Just wanted to add this information)

    BusinessRoles would not be suitable for this since they don't allow flexible expressions like coverage maps. With coverage maps we can do similiar relationships like with the supervisor <> direct Reports which are not possible with BusinessRoles.

  • We are using the "IDM Workflow fulfillment" for the user profile review. Unfortunately, for our use case, we need the user profile review if we want to do this review in the Identity Governance module. Since the coverage map option is available for some other review types I thougth it might be a good addition to have this option in other review types as well.

  • Ahhhh, I haven't done much with the user profile review when i realized that fulfillment of profile changes was not supported in the Edir fulfiller.   Do you have another solution for fulfillment like using a ticket system?

  • I'm using the "User Profile Review". I know, if you are using the "Account Review" , there you have the coverage map reviewer option.


    Yeah, it is kind of a secondary manager. ( IG 3.7 - Coverage Maps - custom relationships / variable attribute matching) - I described it here. Currently I'm trying to 'cheat' a little bit, because you can use a coverage map with the 'user profile review' if you import the review definition as a json (It is still not working though, not sure if it is because of how I defined my coverage map, or if simply will not work)

  • What kind of review are you looking at when you see there are only these choices for Reviewer?    When I look at a user access review I see several more choices for reviewers:  Supervisor, Permission Owner, Application Owner, Self-review, Selected User, Coverage Map, Business Role.

    How would you define that other relationship between the reviewer and the user.  Is that a secondary manager?  How are those two entities related in your use case?