Webinar at TTP conference: Purpose Based Access Control: Is your CIAM initiative ready for Privacy?, July 19


3.55pm ‐ 5pm

Speaker: Richard Cabana, Bob Reynolds, OpenText

Identity Management provides organizations with an infinite possibility of connecting complex systems together, several of which invariably contain sensitive information about a data subject, or provide access to applications or data sources housing personal data.

This session will put forth that with the adoption of the American Data Privacy Protection Act looming, and the European Global Data Protection Regulation entering its fifth year; Identity projects need to enforce better governance with respect to consumer or citizen data residing within or controlled by their CIAM initiatives.

This session will introduce the concept of Purpose Based Access Control, and why we state that Identity powers privacy. In the early nineties, RBAC was introduced as a means to simplify and enhance permission assignments by tying access to roles. This eventually led to ABAC which offered further granularity through the use of complex rules which could assign permissions based on attributes associated with one or more identities. WE are proposing PBAC as a means to deal with data subject privacy where it pertains to Identity Governance and Administration.

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