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Using JDBC driver to "CREATE USER" on Oracle DB

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and I need your help . My problem is that i have to integrate the NetIQ product with a DB oracle on which i have to create new users and assign them grants. I ask you, for the creation user part, if it is possible to use just the "CREATE USER" statement or if the driver fails to interface with the Oracle engine and therefore i have to use "INSERT" on specific Oracle Tables.


Thanks in advance for your support

P.S. Sorry for my English

  • Every DB is pretty much different.  Some DB's do actually have constructs called Users (for logging into the DB itself).  Most applications 'make' their own users inside the tables for their database.

    That is, ask your application owner, what a user should look like, and more specifically if they could provide an example SQL statement to make a user the way they want.

    Then using Norberts link to the docs you can build a SQL statement to match and use IDM features to get the data needed inside the statement.

    Or you could try and map the table to user class, and map the attributes to the rows if that would work.

  • We have Oracle DB version 12.1c. Talking to the DBA he told me that for the user creation the only statements he uses are CREATE USER, ALTER USER and GRANT without any INSERT. So, i hope that if the driver can use these statement without knowing the structure of the DB it will be a simple integration.

  • The out of the box version of the driver should work with that.

    You don't write any SQL code in the driver at all if you don't want to.

    But if it doesn't work, you can write SQL code as Norbert wrote about to enhance the functionality or to bypass something.

  • In fact I think that the CREATE USER is mapped through directly.  There is a default package I think that provides this functionality.


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