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identity console - missing text

I have installed identity console 1.3 as a docker image.

It sort of almost works, unfortunately text are missing from icons and whatnot. What can be the issue here? (see pictures below)

The user logged in here is supervisor on [root], so I guess eDir rights is not an issue.

  • What does the browser console say? Any errors loading IC? Also check the Network tab in your browsers developer tools for any errors.

    Check the edirapi.log in the docker volume.

    Do you have the correct version of IDM and eDirectory installed? IC requires some LDAP extensions that are new.

  • Verified Answer

    What's your browser language?

    Does it work if you switch to en-us?

  • It was "danish", changing to "english" made it render OK.

    Wonder what we can do about that, since the client's browser settings will not be english?

  • It look as if the app doesn't always fall back to default resources (english) if the browser is set to an unsupported language in all cases.

    IIRC we had something similar with the best-locale-filter in tomcat. Seems that this can also be a problem in Angular/Golang stacks.

    You'll have to open a support case to get this sorted.

  • What specific eDir version is required for the extension?  Do you have any more info on that?

  • Issues resolved in eDirectory                                                                     
    May 2021
    This hot patch contains LDAP extension changes to support new functionality in Identity Console 1.3.
  • I have installed identity console 1.3 as a docker image.

    And is it worth bothering?

    Last tried a while ago to get it running in Docker Desktop for Mac, but it failed miserably and I gave up after a while.

    I know, macOS is not supported but that would be at least one real advantage over iManager - if ID Console would work at all and had all features needed to replace iManager in offline IDM development.

    But why bother with docker on Linux when iManager is so much easier to install and update in a VM? I'm already pushed off by reading all the manual prep steps and tinker-here-and-fiddle-there details the install instructions - can it really be so hard to provide something that it simple to set up and actually works in the end? Isn't that what that Docker hype is all about?

  • If you want to use Docker on MacOS then install it via brew - and use the cli only as it's easier.

    I'd say iManager in a container makes more sense than for example eDir/IDM for one simple reason; it's less work to upgrade it. I have to admit it took me some hours to get it working (more than one attempt) - and there is still and issue with configiman which I can't get to update from iManager if I make persistent ... will be next attempt.

    Docker is for the right applications a good idea, but if you look at eDir/IDM then it's a horrible idea, partly due to the way they made the images  (broken images that is) and how eDir/IDM is copied to the filesystem in the first place. I spend a few days getting eDir to work, and after that I decided that I had better things to do with my life. And if you want to use Docker the right way with persistent data then eDir suddenly becomes a real nightmare in a container ... So I'm 100% with you, eDir/IDM belong in a VM.

  • I think you need to setup a new container for each tree if you want to use IC as iManager Workstation.

    Because it looks to be using the eDir REST API you need to present the correct certificates and a admin user for each tree.

    Also if you look at the docs, when upgrading you need to copy stuff into the container even though there is a docker volume.

    IC feels much more responsive than iManager in my environment.