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Capture Delete Account events in Active Directory -Terminate User

Capture Delete Account events in Active Directory -Terminate User

I want to terminate (LOGIN_DISABLED = TRUE) a user who was DELETED in Active Directory. I am able to make user terminated (LOGIN_DISABLED = TRUE) when an account in AD was disabled. I want to have the same capability on the DELETE event as well. 

Can you please guide me on how to accomplish this?

  • You only get one shot at this... When the Pub channel sends you a delete, you have to catch that event.  (if operation equals delete) then set dest attr Login Disabled to true.

    I cannot recall, but the class name may not be there in a delete of a user, so you have to ignore the class when you do this.

  • And my colleague also grabbed the GUID, stored it somewhere (on an object) so that if they chose to recover the AD account from the AD Trash can, he modified the Match policy to check for that GUID so it can relink to the proper IDV object.

    Very clever.

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