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hello guys How do I know if the driver is configured to run only on one Windows server?

hello guys I just wanted to know How do I know if the driver is configured to run only on one Windows server?

  • We will need more data. Are you talking about the Windows IDM server? It is the first thing that comes to mind and is logical... I would go into iManager-IdentityManagerOverview, and select the driverset, on top of the overview there are servers to select so you just cycle through the servers available and see for each if driver is running and if it's startup is set on disabled, manual, or automatic start.
    In designer (first thing driver and all servers need to be imported into - designer needs to be current) under driver configuration you can see startup configuration there is separate tab for it. For current status with the right-click on driver connection, you click on driver status option, which tells what is driver's status for each server.

  • that correct zan but the thinkg is the driver is running on linux machine not on window.

    can the designer option be used?

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  • I am not sure what you mean, do you have multiple IDM machines in the same tree?
    My tip works for any environment (also IDM tree with several different servers Windows and Linux IDM servers in the same tree), but I am not 100% we understand each other fully.

  • IDM is an application that can run inside eDir.  eDir can run on Linux or Windows.

    Zan explained how you tell which server is running the IDM engine.  Now you go find the server and figure out if it is windows or linux.

    As it turns out, in Designer, if you have it all imported, on the left had side, is the Outline view.  The servers with IDM engines installed are shown above the driverset.  Properties of each, show the eDir version, which you can update with the 'usb' like icon on the right of each line.  That actually reports Windows or Linux.

  • zan thanks your tips really help me