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Why does Google Driver Rename Before Delete?

The default Google Driver packages rename a user (user ID + time epoch) prior to a delete event (in the output transform).  Why does it do this?  Why is the reason for renaming the object before deleting it?

I'm finding this isn't 100% reliable.  A lot of times, the rename doesn't happen fast enough, so I was going to take it out.  But there must be a reason for the rename prior to delete?


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    FYI, information from Concensus (who actually makes this driver):


    Regarding rename prior to delete:

    Rename prior to delete was a design decision made during early implementations to correct a problem customers were having. That problem was the reuse of a deleted username in a new user. Since Google keeps the deleted account around for a while to use for undelete, the username/primary email address wasn’t available for reuse for a period of time. To avoid that, the account was renamed to something that wouldn’t likely cause a name collision then deleted. It may no longer be necessary and your customer may not have that use case, so feel free to change that behavior.


    The failure to remove association on delete is not intended and should be considered a bug. I’ll chase that down.


    Also, the packages are super old and really should only be used as a guide for writing good policy. Yes, some new ones can and will be issued, likely with the next update to the driver.


    Regarding our branded version versus the Microfocus version, they are literally the same code. The only differences are the package/shim name and the license handling code (IDM activation versus the CT license jar file). For quite a while now, the shim code base has been unified. I do updates in one, test them, then merge the changes into the other prior to release.


    We are actively working on it and have new releases in the pipeline, bug fixes and new features. Let me know if you have features you want added and I’ll get them vetted and added to the set.